Re: novelists part II

Subject: Re: novelists part II
From: Will Kelly <willk -at- TIAC -dot- NET>
Date: Tue, 1 Apr 1997 21:26:02 -0500

>where we're debating justifications for not
>hiring aspiring novelists--that's what you're saying.

I am merely stating what may be at the root of not hiring aspiring
novelists as TWs. Like it or not some people think there is a certain
romance to being a writer and certain assumptions which this causes in
people including <gasp!> hiring managers. Remember, I said I have a degree
in English and have encountered such biases in my career including every TW
stereotype you can think of. I have worked hard to stay on top of
technology while some of my direct TW peers just don't. I have had the
fortune to be the writer and technical person on projects. I have seen both

If a project has to be done, it doesn't matter to me who is wasting the
time whether it is TW or any other member of the team.

>Or do you actually mean to tell us that passing an "SME" trolling the
>internet for great family vacation spots does nothing to your blood
>pressue but finding a TW fine tuning their latest short story sends you
>into orbit? If so, then your priorities are as screwed up as theirs.

Yes it does.

>By the way, I can't let this slide. Will, you appear to ascribe to me a
>position I've never taken and never will take:
>>>You are right it boils down to the person whether they have a liberal arts
>>degree or a technical degree.

We live in a biased and prejudiced world. Perhaps its that I live in
Washington, DC ( a land where the piece of paper often means more then it
should) that I mentioned the degree issue. But this is a bias I have
personally encountered because some people think it takes a CS degree to
understand computers. Maybe you should look at my post again, one of the
smartest TWs I ever worked with was an English Major (Heavens be!).
Stereotypes exist.

I hope this clarifies my position somewhat. I always look at the person
and the end product. I am not the bad guy here. Just another technical
writer encountering a lot of the same stuff that you probably encounter.


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