Re: novelists part II

Subject: Re: novelists part II
From: Will Kelly <willk -at- TIAC -dot- NET>
Date: Tue, 1 Apr 1997 17:42:48 -0500

I've found this phenomenon in lots of people, from the
>receptionist who has been tasked to write a memo for the first time to
>the head of a small company writing a scathing letter to the city

Hi Sella--

You are right it boils down to the person whether they have a liberal arts
degree or a technical degree. Despite my degree in English, part of me
agrees with Doreen. My particular peeve is with the "poet in residence". I
have seen my share of aspiring novelists and poets doing their creative
writing on company time. But then I can look to a TW or two in my past who
had English degrees and were just as technically smart (or smarter) then
the SME on the project.

>Here's a point to think about, made by another list member in a private
>So, Doreen and everyone who thinks she has a valid point: the
>next time all things are equal, instead of making an *projection* about
>how a novelist or English major will react to criticism, ask them if
>they belong to a critique group, and if not, why not. I bet the
>response is reveailing.

As a vet of college creative writing workshops and a critique group, it is
no metric whether or not the person belongs to such a group. I witnessed
more than one crit that had the author of the story in an uproar. Critique
groups can be very professional and very structured or a knock drag out
slugfest. It depends on the participants.

My own experience as an English Major and a TW has shown me that it comes
down to priorities and whether or not the "poet in residence" or "aspiring
novelist" can seperate work time from their free time. The English major in
me appreciates creative writing (wish I had more time for it). The TW in me
knows I am on the clock 8-5.

Will Kelly

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