Tech Writing Future & Pen-based computing

Subject: Tech Writing Future & Pen-based computing
From: Gwen Barnes <gwen -dot- barnes -at- MUSTANG -dot- COM>
Date: Fri, 18 Nov 1994 17:11:21 GMT

-> a while ago. ... I wouldn't call it a mature technology. (I would
-> also note that I don't think I'm ususual in being able to type
-> signicantly faster than I can handwrite.)>>
-> I sure can type faster than I can scratch.
-> If I can use a keyboard, though, I'm fine. In fact, I can still type
-> I would hate to use anything different for my technical documentation

My theory about pen-based computing is that men, particularly
executives, consider typing to be something secretaries do, in other
words "woman's work", and that it's demeaning for them to be expected
to type to use a computer. Thus the undue, expensive, and largely
unproductive efforts to develop a pen interface.

Maybe if we developed a pen interface that only recognizes shorthand ...


PS. I too am plagued with nerve and muscle problems that make
handwriting slow, painful and illegible. I can still type >100 wpm,
though it's the typing itself that has largely caused the damage. Oh,

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