Re: Tech Writing Future & Pen-based computing

Subject: Re: Tech Writing Future & Pen-based computing
From: "D. 'Shag' Birchall" <shag -at- IOS -dot- COM>
Date: Fri, 18 Nov 1994 23:07:05 -0500

Vicki Rosenzweig wrote:

>A close friend of mine was working on a pen-based word processor
>a while ago. ... I wouldn't call it a mature technology. (I would
>also note that I don't think I'm ususual in being able to type
>signicantly faster than I can handwrite.)

I'm looking at a unit that might actually be handy both ways. It's made by
Sharp who, in their infinite wisdom(NOT!) have decided to market it _only_
to the vertical markets, thus completely avoiding run-of-the-mill
businessfolk, writers, and consumers who would (IMO) find it incredible.
*sigh* Corporations for ya. ;)

Anyway, the model number is PT-9000, the development codename was "Bullet."
It's got a '286-class CPU, but it's got a very efficient multitasking
graphical OS, so it's actually about as responsive as a '486 running
Windows. ROM holds the OS and quite a few programs, including a very
capable word-processor. It's got a VGA (LCD) display, 2 PCMCIA slots,
and the usual ports. You can write on it with a pen, use an optional
keyboard, or "type" with the pen on a pop-up on-screen keyboard (I can't
type fast that way yet, though). It takes six AA batteries (so much for
$100 battery packs!) and delivers 22 hours of continuous use. Sound neat?
It is. But the price is in the $1300 range, and Sharp doesn't feel they
can market anything with a 4-digit price to anyone except fortune-500

Oh well. As long as I get mine, I guess I won't grouse too much. ;)

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