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Subject: Re: Math vs. writing
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Date: Fri, 11 Nov 1994 09:04:03 -0500

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I may have the oddest math vs. writing experience...and it isn't really math
vs. writing, it's just "my evolution as a technical communicator."

Like Shelly, I was good in math and science, but I didn't like them much. I
loved writing and humanities, but I was hooked on show biz. I found out,
however, that being a good actor in high school didn't mean that I was a good
actor in college. An okay actor, yes, but not least not good enough
to make a living at it.

However, this didn't stop me from pursuing show biz; first as a mime wannabe
and then as a circus clown. I learned to juggle pretty well (not
spectacularly, and it was hard) and went to the Ringling Clown College. I
actually worked in circuses in my twenties.

Then I realized, after living with my parents (in their retirement community
for six months) that I'd better get a day job. I worked my way up through
entry-level clerical stuff. Then, during my review, said, "What do you like to
do?" "Juggle" didn't seem to be the appropriate answer, given the workplace (a
timesharing firm). So I said, "Well, I like to write."

That was 15 years ago, and I'm still a technical communicator, and I still like
doing it, and I'm very good at it.

Thanks for bearing with the long message.
Mary Wise
mrw -at- manu -dot- com

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