Re: We are Contractors: Resistance is futile

Subject: Re: We are Contractors: Resistance is futile
From: Barbara Karst-Sabin <barbara -at- QUOTE -dot- COM>
Date: Thu, 19 Nov 1998 14:43:59 -0800

If they don't mention contractors/contracting in their ad, then you can
be pretty sure they're looking for a permanent warm body. I've found my
contracts through word of mouth, ads (specifying contract openings), and
through agencies that contacted me after seein my resume on DICE.

I do know that when I've applied for permanent gigs I've been pretty
closely questioned about my seriousness. I, personally, am only
contracting until I find my dream job \;+), so if I bother to apply for
something permanent, I'm serious about it. But there are an awful lot
of people who will promise anything for the job, then leave when the
mood hits them.

If they don't specify "contract" then they want to know that you will be
loyal to company, not just for the duration of a single project. I
don't agree that they should be rude to you, unless you waited to spring
your contract status on them until the interview. If that's the case,
then you really were wasting their time and yours. But none of us would
do that, would we?


John David Hickey wrote:

> However, I'm running up against quite a bit of resistance against working
> with contractors. Some of the people I've contacted seem interested until
> the topic of permanent or contractor comes up, they state that they're not
> interested in my services after all. I've had one guy even stand me up for
> an interview, making me wait an hour before announcing he decided to cancel
> the interview! Argh.

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