Re: We are Contractors: Resistance is futile

Subject: Re: We are Contractors: Resistance is futile
From: SCN User <alfa33 -at- SCN -dot- ORG>
Date: Thu, 19 Nov 1998 14:54:53 -0800


The old "low ball" monster rears its ugly head once again. When will
folks learn that you really do get what you pay for?

If you get that type of reaction when you mention the word
"contractor" you are most likely dealing with someone who is looking for
a tech writer at secretarial pay. Run, don't walk, to the nearest exit.
You can find better pasture land than that!

I deal ONLY with the job "shops" that are listed in publications like CE
Weekly. So far, I have done pretty well. I let the shops know what it
takes for me to back the car out of the drive and head off on an
assignment, and they don't call unless they're ready to show me the money!

Take care, and above all don't take any low-ball BS from those jerks.
Better yet, send me their number...I'd love to ask them a few questions!


On Thu, 19 Nov 1998, Bob Morrisette wrote:

> John David Hickey <jdavid -at- FARABI -dot- COM>
> deleted all but:
> >As some of you may have noticed from a previous post, my contract with my
> >current client is almost up, so I'm back out on the market for some new
> >work.
> >However, I'm running up against quite a bit of resistance against working
> >with contractors.
> >Maybe I'm going at this all wrong. Am I approaching the wrong people? Am I

--- major portion deleted ---


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Technical Writer, Contract
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Santa Rosa Beach, FL 32459
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