Re: Consultants--ethical question

Subject: Re: Consultants--ethical question
From: Nick Marino <Rhetonic -at- GTE -dot- NET>
Date: Fri, 13 Nov 1998 23:46:33 -0600

You mean "ethical consultants," if you want to construct an oxymoron, and I
don't see the antithetical connection here that would be necessary to construct
an oxymoron. What exactly would it be? that consultants by definition are
unethical? Where's the joke?

Sorry, but I take except to your "irresistible" kidding, since I am an
ethically minded consultant.

My livelihood depends upon my reputation; my reputation depends upon my
character; my character depends upon my ethics.

Perhaps you are making one of those broad sweeping generalizations
(stereotyping) from a specific case you have in mind, or had experienced.
Perhaps you did not think before you spoke.


Stephen C. Gillespie wrote:

> Beth:
> Isn't the term "Consultants--Ethical" what we'd call an "oxymoron"?
> (just kidding!--sorry, couldn't resist!!)
> Steve G.
> FedEx
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