Re: Hiring Scenario

Subject: Re: Hiring Scenario
From: John Posada <posada -at- FAXSAV -dot- COM>
Date: Wed, 17 Dec 1997 15:49:27 -0500

People, your posts are preserved for all to see in the archives.
Don't be foolish and write something that could hurt you two years
from now!

By all means! Instead, hide your opinions so that the people who will
really dislike you when they get to know you will hire you (come to work
for you) and make your work life into misery.

Be careful what you post, people. But for a different reason. Make sure
it's what you really think and feel (and not just the fury of the moment,
as John mentioned). (Have I told you I enjoy reading your posts, John?)
People will react to you based on what you post, and inevitably some will
react unfavorably. When they do, it's good to know that you've come by
their animosity honestly, that they're attacking you for what you are
instead of what you aren't.

Arlen...In general, I'd agree with you and in general, still do. However, there are just times when you don't want any unfavorable reactions.

This is based on two personal real-life circumstances:

1) I work for a company and one of our biggest suppliers also is an active contributor to this list, although the person works for a different division within the company.
2) In one of my previous contracts, the two owners of the agency (good agency, BTW) were readers of this list...still are. I believe (Hi Wayne and Dave...Merry Xmas)
Now, I may place disclaimers up the wazoo, but my message, just by pure association, is associated not just me, with my employer. I may not like it, but it be the truth.

Therefore, while I may not have a problem stirring alittle controversy once in a while, I accept that my messages are associated to me, and I'm associated to my employer. Therefore, if it's not near to being appropriate, it doesn't make it's way to the list.

John Posada, Technical Writer (and proud of the title)
The world's premier Internet fax service company: The FaxSav Global Network
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-work mailto:posada -at- faxsav -dot- com -personal mailto:john -at- tdandw -dot- com
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My opinions are mine, and neither you nor my company can take credit for them.

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