Re[2]: errored frame

Subject: Re[2]: errored frame
From: Matthew Flynn <maflynn -at- DTTUS -dot- COM>
Date: Tue, 17 Dec 1996 07:47:43 CST

Actually, the original poster didn't say "error framed", that was a subsequent
response. I think the objection is that "error" isn't a verb, and thus we
should have a real problem with the participal "errored". "Erred frame" would
make more sense. But if the technoids have mad it a standard, who are we to

*Sigh* Leave it to communications people to totally screw up the language.

--Matt Flynn
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Subject: Re: errored frame
Author: "John A. Lord" <jlord -at- LIVINGSTON -dot- COM> at Internet-USA
Date: 12/16/96 5:57 PM

In digital communication, a data stream is divided into "frames," which
contain data (the payload), information pertaining to the frame itself, the
addressing, and the protocols in use.

So, the term "errored frame" is technically correct, and the client is right
- "error framed" is incorrect. In reality it is the frame itself that
contains an error, usually called simply a "frame error," or a "corrupted

Hope this helps
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Livingston Enterprises, Inc.
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