Oh, for crying out loud...(was Re: Sense of Humor Testing)

Subject: Oh, for crying out loud...(was Re: Sense of Humor Testing)
From: Mitch Berg <mberg -at- IS -dot- COM>
Date: Fri, 13 Dec 1996 08:58:28 -0600

I was determined to stay out of this useless thread - and I'll killfile
it when I'm done here. But I had to comment.

MacDonald, Alexander G. AP wrote:

> Hello,
> I was deeply offended by Mr. Dean's posting of the cheap Dr. Seuss
> imitation.

With all due respect to Mr. Alexander and his obvious love of both his
profession and his language - why, for crying out loud, does anyone need
to be "deeply offended" by ***anything*** that appears on a mailing
1) The structure of the 'net, and especially mailing lists, lends
itself to repetition of things like this. To not accept that is
to drive yourself needlessly crazy.
2) Why worry?

> I have, of course, seen it before, so upon opening the note
> and reading the first sentence of the lame, unfunny, insulting poem, I
> clicked Delete faster than you could say "Ham".

This is the best action that ***anyone ever*** needs to take regarding
***anything*** they find offensive. Unless your mailer has a
killfiler. Mine is well-used...

> Mr. Dean could,
> perhaps, be lightly chastised by the person who makes up the rules here.
> But we forget who is really the cause of this horrendous incident...the
> anonymous 'author' of the imitation.

I have a degree in English, and three kids, so I also know my Seuss.
He's wonderful. But I rather enjoyed the poem the first time - and the
second... After a while it wore thin, and I've come to delete it on
sight lately. Eric's note in the list rules was noted and appreciated,
but I'd suspect easily missed.

In short - would everyone please relax, stop taking 'net traffic
personally, and get back to the real purpose of this mailing list?

This thread is now in my killfile.
Mitch Berg
mberg -at- is -dot- com

"Word is a minivan, Frame is a bus. Your job is to move 80 people across
town by noon. Choose."
-- John Bell

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