Re: List-splitting & Moderation

Subject: Re: List-splitting & Moderation
From: "David E. Venzke" <dev -at- ENG -dot- AISINC -dot- COM>
Date: Wed, 11 Dec 1996 10:46:08 EST

> > >What about splitting the list into interest areas?

Here are my suggestions:

TECHWR-L (for tech comm issues)
TECHWR-virus (for all those useless virus warnings)
TECHWR-humor (for all that "cute" I'net humor)
TECHWR-usage (for those who can't be bothered to check
available reference works)
TECHWR-flame (for those snide, personal attacks that
belong in private email)
TECHWR-titles (for those "What do I call myself?" Q's)
TECHWR-peeves ("What really bugs me ....")
TECHWR-certify (for those who want to be "certified")
TECHWR-null (for anything else that isn't appropriate)

************ SUPER TIME-SAVER TIP O' THE DAY ****************

As for wading through all the messages that are posted in any
given day, try the following:

1. Subscribe to the digest.

2. Once a day open one humongous mail message.

3. With a *critical* eye, scan the topic lines at the top
of the digest.

4. Recognize there is nothing of interest to read.

5. Press the delete key.

Time to completion: 1-2 minutes.

On those rare occasions when something of interest does show
up, search for the specific subject line and read the message
thread -- then throw the rest away.

Hint: This technique only works if you're truly *critical* when
reviewing the topic headers and resist the temptation to
just wade in and start reading all the dross.

Just my $.04 worth...

Post all responses to TECHWR-null.

:-) (-: :-) (-: :-) (-: :-) (-: :-) (-: :-) (-: :-) (-: :-) (-: :-)
David Venzke, Sr. Technical Writer email: dev -at- aisinc -dot- com
Applied Intelligent Systems, Inc. voice: (313) 332-7036
110 Parkland Plaza fax: (313) 332-7077
Ann Arbor MI 48103
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