Re[2]: Screen-sized Web Pages? [Ref:C449122]

Subject: Re[2]: Screen-sized Web Pages? [Ref:C449122]
From: Tom Tomasovic <Tom -dot- Tomasovic -at- NATWEST-PLC-NY -dot- NWMARKETS -dot- COM>
Date: Tue, 3 Dec 1996 16:01:15 +0000

Comments: To: Shmuel Ben-Artzi <sba -at- NETMEDIA -dot- NET -dot- IL>

Matt and all involved in this thread:

As the person who originally posted the question, I am glad to see it
resurface. In fact, the discussion which is going on right now is one
facet of what I was looking for. The other facet is the concept of
designing documents to be viewed on screen. I was curious about the up and
down sides of (particularly vertical) scrolling. It seems that most of the
web page design that I see looks at the horizontal issue, while assuming
that the user will just scroll through as much vertical information as one
chooses to put out there.

Personally, I find vertical scrolling to be a pain, and I have attempted to
design my documents (which are NOT being published as web pages) using page
sizes and fonts which basically produce one page of information per screen.
I raised this question at a seminar recently, and there was some agreement
that, while web designers should probably consider this, most did not.

I may be wrong, but it seems to me that HTML does not allow for multiple
pages in a single file (i.e., no such thing as a page break). If that is
true, then the concept of screen sized pages creates a plethora of files,
and I could certainly understand an avoidance of that.

In any case, thanks to you all for another informative discussion.


Tom <<Tom -dot- Tomasovic -at- NATWEST-PLC-NY -dot- nwmarkets -dot- com>>

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