Re: <enter> key [Ref:C456067]

Subject: Re: <enter> key [Ref:C456067]
From: Tom Tomasovic <Tom -dot- Tomasovic -at- NATWEST-PLC-NY -dot- NWMARKETS -dot- COM>
Date: Wed, 4 Dec 1996 02:58:59 +0000

Another interesting(?) point:

It seems that in the way back when (middle 80's) I did a little work on
some TELEX terminals(?) and they had a RETURN key AND an ENTER key which
functioned differently. Return moved the insertion point to the next line,
and Enter sent the command.

Come to think of it, I think there is also something similar in the library
search program at the NYP Library; pressing the return key does not do the
same thing as pressing the enter key.

Anyone else have the same kinds of memories???

Tom <<Tom -dot- Tomasovic -at- NATWEST-PLC-NY -dot- nwmarkets -dot- com>>

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Subject: <enter> key [Ref:C456067]
Author: INTERNET TECHWR-L -at- LISTSERV -dot- OKSTATE -dot- EDU at Multimessage
Date: 12/3/96 4:36 PM

It has been mentioned that the <enter> key refers to old teletype machines.
Well, that was before my time, really. However, I do remember the
original IBM PC (at a screaming 4.77 mhz) that my parents bought when I was
10 or so. It had (and still has) an <enter> key.

I really have to stop and think to call it a <return> key.

Anyway, just more trivia.

Steve Shewchuk
Technical Writer

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