Subject: upgrades
From: John Renish <John -dot- Renish -at- CONNER -dot- COM>
Date: Thu, 20 Jul 1995 16:00:44 PDT

Geoff Hart wrote:

Here's the problem: my current computer works just fine for what I'm
doing, and will always meet my needs so long as I don't upgrade and so
long as it keeps running. But if I don't upgrade, at some point in the
future the hardware will die (or the files I produce with the software
won't be accepted anymore at the publishing service bureaus), or
become incompatible with new hardware and software that I'd like to
use, and I'll be hit with the whole upgrade price at once (hardware,
plus new software that runs on it). So this suggests that I upgrade
continuously and gradually, spreading the cost over a longer time to
make it acceptable. Voila! Back on the upgrade treadmill.

Here's a novel idea: bank some number of bucks every month for software and
hardware upgrades (you could even use it to buy stock in Micro$oft, Intel,
or in one of their competitors). When you need to upgrade, buy it all at
once. That way, you will have spread the cost over time (and if you invested
wisely, even made some money in the process) and can get all the latest
bells and whistles when you're pushed to the extremity of having to spend
your hard-earned cash. This plan has the added advantage that the longer you
can delay hardware purchases, the more bang you get for the buck.

John -dot- Renish -at- conner -dot- com
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