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From: Solveig Haugland <Solveig_Haugland -dot- GPS -at- GPS -dot- COM>
Date: Tue, 11 Jul 1995 14:38:39 EDT

>>My team is about to begin work on a user guide for a new program. We're
wondering if there is a standard convention or style guide for common actions
one performs onscreen.

For examples, 1) does one "Click" or "Select" his/her choice?<<

We include a Learning chapter that describes in detail how to deal with each
part of the interface--check boxes, combo boxes, standard data entry fields,
etc. In that chapter, we go into detail about exactly how to click the arrow so
that all the selections in a drop-down list are shown, then highlight the
option you want, and so on. Then in the procedures, we simply say "select a
[account, or whatever is in the list]," writing in terms of the final goal of
the task, rather than the mechanics of achieving it.

I have a question, as well. What are the favored methods of presenting
complicated navigation? Assume you have to make a selection from a menu on a
menu bar, then make another selection from a small window that will appear.

Option A: Choose System from the Setup menu, then choose Security from the
System Setup palette.

Option B (presenting the options in the order they should be chosen, but the
phrasing is slightly awkward):
From the Setup menu, choose System, then from the System Setup palette,
choose Security.

Option C: From the Setup menu, choose System, then choose Security.

Option D (favored by our Training and Support departments): Choose System >
Setup > Security.

In addition, what are your views on bold for the key navigation words (Setup,
System, etc.) or icons in the scholar's margin to indicate that this is

Solveig Haugland

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