SUMMARY>Course title suggestions (long)

Subject: SUMMARY>Course title suggestions (long)
From: Kat Nagel/MasterWork <katnagel -at- EZNET -dot- NET>
Date: Sat, 27 May 1995 16:34:39 -0400

And the winner is...
Life---a User's Guide

Thank you for your suggestions. The response was overwhelming --
literally. Both the school principal and the instructor for the course sat
there with their jaws bouncing off the floor when I showed them the 42
responses I received in less than 18 hours! BTW, responses are still
trickling in from folks -- like me -- who are catching up with back issues
of the digest.

Unfortunately, some of the responses didn't include reply-address
information, so I can't respond to those personally.

For those of you with a LOT of time to read <grin>, here is the whole list
of suggested titles:

All About People
All About Us
An Alien's Eyeview of People
Animal, vegetable, or mineral?
Applied Communication
Becoming a Person
Being human
Biology and Personhood
The Biosocial Self
Carpe Diem
The coolest person you could ever hope to know...yourself!
Defining Yourself
Do the Right Thing
Doin' It (it's a hands-on course, right?)
The Facts of Life
Freak like me.
Getting Along in the 21st Century
Getting to Know Me
Getting to Know You
A Guide to the Future
Hip Humanities
The Human Animal
The Human Body; A User's Guide
The Human Journey: Who We Are, What We Are,
What We Believe, Where We're Going
The Human Puzzle
I am somebody!
The I Channel
I hate you, you hate me: how to act like people.
Individual Culture
Introductory Life
Knowing Me, Knowing You
Knowledge, Values, and Personality
Life, Death, and everything in between
Life, the Universe, and Everything
Like the Back of your Hand: An Owner's Manual for the Human Adolescent
Locating Yourself on Life's Playing Field
Moving parts.
The Mystery of Me
Now and Them
People: Science & Insight
People are mammals, too.
People are People...(so why should it be)...
Personal BioPsych
Personal Development
Personal Studies
Psychosocial Biology
Putting It Together: Human Physiology and Spirituality
The RealEarth Guide
Real People, Real Science
Real People, True Stuff
The Real World
The Rhetoric of Relationships
Science Exploration (inevitably abbreviated "S.Ex")
The Science of I
Science of Individuality
Science of Self
Scientific Exploration -- Internal and External ("S.Ex.I.E.")
Scientific Exploration -- You and the World ("S.Ex.Y. World")
The Self in Society
Senior Problems
Sex, Science: Semiotics
Strange Places, Strange People, and how to Survive
Studies in Scientific Exploration ("S.S.Ex")
The Shaping of a Citizen
That's Life
Theory of Knowledge
Turn Right at Life
Up Close and Personal
We are the world
Welcome to the Big Bad World
Welcome to Your World
What am I?
What Grownups Know
What Makes Us Tick
Where Did We Come From, Where Are We Going
Who am I?: a guide to the human body and mind.
Who I Am: A User's Manual
Who's smarter -- you or your cat?
Wholly Human: Body, Mind, and Spirit
Why are People Made That Way?
Why You Are Who You Are
Why You're You
You, Me, Us, & Them: A User's Manual
You and Everything
Your Body, Your Mind and Your Self
Your parents and how they got that way

And my personal favorite for honesty:
Three Hours of Hell

Thanks again for your help.

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MasterWork LIFE2 (music) PlaynSong -at- aol -dot- com

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***************************** original request to the lists:
-------------begin included message---------------
I'm not sure whether this is appropriate fodder for the list. If not,
please let me know *gently* and I won't do it again.

As a 'technical word expert', I've been asked to suggest a title for a new
course at a local alternative high school. I'm having trouble coming up
with something catchy enough to attract teenagers (14-19) to the course.

Course description:
Meets every day for 3 hours
(kids will get science, social studies, & English credit)
Lots of writing, hands-on projects, field trips
Subjects to be covered:
Human biology (intro level)
What are we? Where did we come from? How are
we (like/different from) other critters?
Developmental psychology
Why do we (feel/act) the way we do? Why don't our
parents act (feel/act) us?
IQ, aptitude, and personality testing
How do the tests work? Are they accurate?
What can I learn from them?
Personal values
What are some common value systems (philosophy/
religion)? What are my values? How do they
(resemble/differ from) those of my (friends/
family/people in other cultures)?
Geneology? Other stuff?

The working title is 'Know Yourself'. Yuck. Other possibilities include
'Who Am I?'
'You, Me, Us, & Them'
'Personal Biology'
'People: Science & Insight'

I feel brain dead. It would be easier to write an installation manual from
a preliminary engineering drawing.

The principal just called me at 2:25pm Thursday, and he wants the title
tomorrow (Friday). I get the digest version of this list, which doesnt
arrive until late afternoon, so please reply by email to katnagel -at- eznet -dot- net
--------------end included message-------------

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