Subject: Indexing
From: "Johns, David" <14615johns -at- KCPBLDG05 -dot- BV -dot- COM>
Date: Tue, 29 Nov 1994 11:30:00 CST

Lori Lathrop asked about creating index tags for concepts as opposed to
selected text.

You can create as many index tags for a target as you like. These tags can
be given any name--specific or general, related or unrelated to the target.
Thus, you can create a tag for a concept--such as "Creating On-Line Help"
or "Generating Reports"--associated with any target. Doc-To-Help inserts
ALL the tags at target locations, and those tags (along with page numbers)
appear in the index after the index is built.

For instance, if you designate "report" as a target, you can create any of
the following tags: Reports, Printing Reports, Output, or Generating Hard

Also, Doc-To-Help lets you create different levels (subheadings) by
separting tag words with a colon. Examples: Connecting Gates:AND,
Connecting Gates:OR, Connecting Gates:IF, Output:Reports, Output:Monitor,
Output:Plotter. The finalized index will look like this:

Connecting Gates
AND 82, 84, 99
IF 33, 29, 99
OR 17, 22, 44
Monitor 55
Plotter 22, 88
Reports 14, 28, 56

There are two ways to designate a target in Doc-To-Help. You can highlight
the selected text or type the targeted words through the Tools-Indexing
function. If you want to index a section that deals with a concept, but
that concept is not named explicitly in the text, you can highlight a few
random words in that section for use as a target. The tag you create for
that target can be a general concept, such as "Creating Hypertext Links" or
a more specific name.

When you create on-line help through Doc-To-Help, the index tags (and Table
of Contents entries) are transformed into hypertexted words, which cause the
program to jump to the linked text when clicked. Thus, if you click
"Printing Reports" in the on-line index, it will take you to that section of
the document.

Dave Johns
Black & Veatch

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