More online help help

Subject: More online help help
From: Kay Wicker - Documentation <kayw -at- SPEDI -dot- MN -dot- ORG>
Date: Mon, 28 Nov 1994 17:08:52 -0600

Here are some suggestions about how to get started in online help. (By the
way, there are many other environments besides the PC, for example, Macintosh,
UNIX, Windows NT. However, Windows help is an environment that is very
common, and is what I would assume is meant by the generic term "online help.")

First, get the winhlp-l answers to frequently asked questions (faq). (See the
instructions below.)
The Internet winhlp-l is a list devoted to people who are developing online help
for Microsoft Windows. However, many of the subscribers to winhlp-l develop
online help for other environments.
The faq answers your how-to-get-started question.

Second, after you've read the winhlp-l faq, try some of the suggestions
mentioned there.

Third, subscribe to winhlp-l. Lurk for a while there. After you've tried
some of the winhlp-l faq suggestions for getting started, you'll have
more questions. Then you can send messages to the winhlp-l subscribers to
ask your new questions.

**To get a copy of the WINHLP-L faq (answers to frequently asked questions):

1. Use anonymous ftp or ftpmail to access the ftp site that
winhlp-l uses to store various and sundry files.
This is the site's Internet address: or

2. Change to this directory:
/pub/incoming (at some later date, the directory will be /pub/winhelp)

3. Get this file:

It's a text file that you can print or view.

4. In the winhelp.faq file, read the text in this section:
[2] How to Learn to Build WinHelp Files
(note: the above info was current as of 11/28/94. It's from a note
that the winhlp-l list owner sends out periodically to the winhlp-l

**Here's how to subscribe to WINHLP-L:

Send a message to to:
LISTSERV -at- ADMIN -dot- HUMBERC -dot- ON -dot- CA

Leave the subject line blank, and include on the
first line of the message:
WINHLP-L first_name last_name

**To send a question to WINHLP-L whether or not you subscribe to WINHLP-L:

Send a message to to:
winhlp-l -at- admin -dot- humberc -dot- on -dot- ca

good luck!
Kay Wicker Documentation Specialist
St. Paul Software, Inc. St. Paul, MN U.S.A.
kayw -at- spedi -dot- mn -dot- org voice 612-641-0963 fax 612-641-0609

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