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Subject: Re: Mom
From: Romay Jean Sitze <rositze -at- NMSU -dot- EDU>
Date: Fri, 18 Nov 1994 08:37:55 -0700

Laurie Rubin writes:

> I wonder if it has to do with what your parents tell you to call them when you
> are young, and then those terms just become familiar and comfortable.

I suspect this has a great deal to do with the choices of terms we
use--more so than geographical or emotional distance, although this
probably applies at times. I was born and raised in the Southwest. I use
the terms "Mom" and "Mother" interchangeably with equal comfort--and I am
close to my mother. Dad, however was always "Dad" or "Daddy," never
"Father." Perhaps because there is both a university and a military base
here, I know people from just about every region in the country. While
there is some variety in the terms used--some say "Momma" and "Papa,"
others "Mom" and "Dad" or "Daddy," and still others use non-standard pet
names for their parents, I have yet to detect any distinct patterns unique
to a geographical region. My suspicion is that even if such
geographically related patterns once existed, the communication media have
had their influence in generalizing the language here, too.


RoMay Sitze rositze -at- nmsu -dot- edu

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