Usenet vs. Internet (was Re: TECHWR-L available as newsgroup????)

Subject: Usenet vs. Internet (was Re: TECHWR-L available as newsgroup????)
From: Aahz <aahz -at- NETCOM -dot- COM>
Date: Tue, 15 Nov 1994 22:59:15 GMT

In article <199411132133 -dot- NAA13496 -at- netcom19 -dot- netcom -dot- com>,
Karen Kay <karenk -at- netcom -dot- com> wrote:
>Steve Fouts said:
>> I believe that it is a newsgroup primarily on bitnet.

>If you have only bitnet, you can't get newsgroups at all, so I don't
>know what this means. Usenet groups are a phenomenon particular to the

This isn't completely true. "Usenet" is a system for transmitting files
with specific formats to every machine that wants those files. You can
use any transport mechanism, including Bitnet, but the most common are
UUCP and TCP/IP (aka Internet).

The Internet itself is a collection of interconnected networks that use
TCP/IP as the transport protocol.

>The hierarchy for gatewayed groups is bit.listserv; this list can be
>found under bit.listserv.techwr-l.

This is true only for the "listserv" gateway. There's another hierarchy
of gateways under bit.mailserv, and many general Usenet newsgroups have
uni- or bi-directional gateways to mailing lists.
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