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Subject: Re: Creativity
From: "Race, Paul" <pdr -at- CCSPO -dot- DAYTONOH -dot- NCR -dot- COM>
Date: Sun, 13 Nov 1994 20:00:00 EST

Doug says...

>The article suggests that the knowlege elite, feeling that they have
>succeeded by virtue of "merit," believe they don't owe anything to anybody
>except themselves, and will therefore be a social disaster. ....

David (The Man) Blyth says

....> We have a responsibility to ourselves to learn, and a responsibility
to >everyone else to show them how to learn for themselves.

>We cannot communicate between Technology Developers (the elite) and
>Technology Users (everybody) unless we pay our debts to both sides of
>the bridge.

I agree, but at the same time, there's been a LOT of blood, sweat, and tears
in the knowledge I've gained, often in spite of my management or teachers.
Things I've learned in the "trenches" so to speak, that I only learned
because I had to find a solution or else. I'm afraid I don't have enough
sympathy for the managers who assigned me to job after job they couldn't do
if their lives depended on it, then gave me poor reviews because I didn't
meet "their" expectations. (As if taking "too long" to do a task nobody
else in the corporation could have done at all is a crime.)

Yes, David, I have a debt to society, which I attempt to pay by occasionally
teaching part-time at area colleges and by coaching new hires so they don't
make the same mistakes (politically and otherwise) that I did. But only a
handful of people ever paid me the same courtesy, and if you think I owe my
lifeblood to the corporation, think again.

Sorry for the venom, but I just had another experience of a manager telling
my idea sucked, then putting a new face on it and presenting it to his
management as his own idea.....

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