Buying my Own Hardware

Subject: Buying my Own Hardware
From: Jane S Torpie <handson!boston -dot- handson -dot- com!janet -at- UUNET -dot- UU -dot- NET>
Date: Mon, 7 Nov 1994 14:44:00 PST

I'm considering buying my own hardware and need some guidance from you in
the field. Step One: How do I figure out what I need?

- Currently I'm a contractor, doing course deveopment & video scripting,
investigating careers that all have writing as a part of them, but are
not 100% writing.
- I may do some layout & artwork (not a lot) and will almost certainly have

to use multiple applications at once.
- My home office is small and has a largish, much-used desk.
- I have small hands and am a techie who can take care of most of my own hw

& sw.
- I'll use my computer for access to the Internet & e-mail.

Based on your experience as a person who communicates technical material to
others (rather than making your living as a programmer or using your PC for
home tasks), could you help me answer some questions?

1. Laptop or desktop?
2. Processor & speed?
3. Amount of memory?
4. Disk size?
5. Modem or Fax Modem? Wait & buy it later?
6. What size monitor? If laptop, wait & buy it later?
7. If laptop, Color or Black & White?
8. CD or no? Wait & buy it later?

Thanks in advance.

Jane S. Torpie
Course Development Consultant
janet -at- handson -dot- com

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