Re: "Y'all" usage at MIT

Subject: Re: "Y'all" usage at MIT
From: "harold (h.o.n.) floysvik" <hal -at- BNR -dot- CA>
Date: Fri, 4 Nov 1994 10:58:00 -0500

A few years ago I was on a teleconference involving several people at
each of three locations. The moderator, being of southern extraction,
made liberal use of "y'all". "...can y'all do this?...can y'all do
that? y'all know how to ..." and so on. Then, she decided to get
group concensus on the topic, so naturally she used the collective form:
" .. do Y'ALLS agree.". And later, not to be outdone, the posessive:
...that's Y'ALL'S responsibility...".

I just love Southern! Almost as much as C'naj'un.

(Yes, I know I also committed grave errors by putting periods both
inside and outside quoted phrases. That's just me. Change it if you
must, just don't bug me about it..)


Documentation is software that runs on the human mind.

...Larry S. - a programmer I once knew.

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