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Subject: Re: Help file resumes
From: Rose Wilcox <RWILC -at- FAST -dot- DOT -dot- STATE -dot- AZ -dot- US>
Date: Thu, 3 Nov 1994 09:18:00 PST

Rick Lippincott wrote:

Chuck Martin wrote:

>... because (s)he doesn't like putting "foreign" disks into his(her)

Uhh, did we just take PC & de-genderization a bit far? I'm guessing that
Chuck is clear on this person's gender.
Maybe Chuck could've used the new Internet words sie and hir to
protect the person's identity, which would read:
"...because sie doesn't like putting "foreign" disks into hir computer."

While I understand an interest in keeping the editor's identity a secret, I
don't think "his" or "her" would have revealed too much. (Or maybe it's
that -I- don't have a clue.....)
It might of if people from Chuck's organization are on the list, for

I think my point is that I understand and agree with the need for a
text when you're writing documentation, or writing about a wide class of
people. When you're dealing with a specific individual, in a real event, I
think it's safe to use the actual information.
I agree. In fact, as you imply, it is awkward to do otherwise.

It may not be politically correct to say that "All U.S. Presidents have been
white males." It is, on the other hand, an accurate historical fact. (It
of course, be quite wrong to use "he" in writing about any -future-
because I can't predict the future.)
While I agree that using "he" about a future president of anything
can be considered politically incorrect, I cannot agree that
stating a historical fact is politically incorrect. Facts is facts.
If we're getting so sensitive that we have to change the truth,
I think we're getting out of hand. For instance, to say, "Many
studies have shown that males score higher on math
achievement tests" -- is not necessarily a sexist statement.
It is a statement of fact. To say, "All men are better than
all women in math" would be a sexist statement. To say,
"All US Presidents have been white males and they make
better Presidents" is sexist. But to simply state facts cannot
be sexist, feminist, or any other -ist.

Am I rambling? Opinions? Responses? Rotten tomatoes?
You're rambling! (Just kidding. I enjoy the discussion.)
Rose Wilcox
Roving Tech. Writing

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