Re: Good/Bad Examples of Online Help Systems: Query....

Subject: Re: Good/Bad Examples of Online Help Systems: Query....
From: Paul Trummel <trummel -at- U -dot- WASHINGTON -dot- EDU>
Date: Sun, 27 Feb 1994 09:38:20 -0800

On Fri, 25 Feb 1994, Brad Mehlenbacher wrote:

> Hi Folks-->I'm currently attempting to put together a course on the
> design and evaluation of online help systems, and I'm desparately short
> on examples of help systems that exhibit either strengths or weaknesses
> in terms of screen design, writing quality, navigatability,
> comprehensability, accuracy, ease of use, ease of access, modularity, etc.

> If anyone has examples of positive or negative experiences with certain
> help systems (preferably commercially-available help systems), I'd really
> appreciate your sending me a brief note describing the system and your
> particular experience with it.

> In exchange, I will happily collect and repost your responses to this
> request. Thanks in advance for your time and assistance! Cordially,

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Paul Trummel replies:

I shall discuss this topic in a seminar that I shall give this Wednesday.
If you wish to have a copy of my seminar materials, then I will send it
to you. Please send me a stamped addressed 11" x 12" envelope at :

2100 Lake Washington Boulevard North - #34
Renton, WA 98056-2563

with a request. Due to the graphics content I cannot send it to you
satisfactorily by email.

I will then mail a copy to you (and anyone else that wants a copy) provided
that you credit me in any use of it and provide me with feedback information.

Paul Trummel

Department of Technical Communication
University of Washington

email: trummel -at- u -dot- washington -dot- edu
fax: 206-227-9486
vox: 206-227-9486

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