Re: Generalized rant.

Subject: Re: Generalized rant.
From: John David Hickey <jdavid -at- FARABI -dot- COM>
Date: Wed, 25 Nov 1998 16:36:19 -0500


> The entire project is written
> in future tense, there are wishes and desires throughout the project, we
> have very complicated sentence structures that use really big words, and
> many other problems I must fix. Comma faults and comma splices everywhere.
> May's all over. Terminates instead of breaks. Several As mentioned
> earlier's. In a help file! Like the user read earlier! Like I could find
> earlier!

A massive Search/Replace does wonders for clearing out the crap. Even if I
don't like the way a writer structure/worded a document that I now have to
fix, I gotta tip my hat if the writer used the awful terminology
consistently. It makes it so much easier to fix!

> Just needed to rant to a few minutes. I have been fixing this 650+ topics
> help for 3 days. Getting goofy, I guess.

I hear ya sister! I generally make myself a big cup of tea, haul out my fav
CD of the day, plug in and plug away. Right now, I've got to make sense of
these horribly written/structured engineering documents. The engineers use
Word like it's some kinda Electro-Underwood!

Actually, I enjoy being the English Language/Desktop Layout Guru in the

Sip your tea and listen to your CD... You'll get through it!
Be seeing you,

John David Hickey
Lone Technical Writer
Farabi Technology Corporation
Montreal, Quebec, Canada

jdavid -at- farabi -dot- com

This sentence contradicts itself: no, wait, actually it doesn't.

From ??? -at- ??? Sun Jan 00 00:00:00 0000=

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