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Subject: Re: Looking for PostScript Composition Program
From: "Weiner, Kandis" <kandisw -at- POSITRON -dot- QC -dot- CA>
Date: Wed, 25 Nov 1998 16:08:02 -0500

About Kandis' querry on PS software, Bill said:

Do you mean something that will compose and save strictly as PS
files? Most
PS printer drivers will take your output and do this, regardless
of the
source file format.

I'm just a bit confused about what you want.

Sorry about the confusion, let me try again.

We currently work in FrameMaker and save as PostScript, sending the PS
files outside to be printed and composed into saddle stitch books.

You know the deal with saddle stitch - it is one long sheet of paper
with 4 pages of the document. The file has to be composed (I think this
is the term that is used) so that page 1 and page 8 are on one side of
the sheet, and page 2 and page 7 are on the other. Then, when you staple
the 2 sheets, containing 8 pages of the document, it will fold in the
middle and work like a nice pretty book, going in order from 1 to 2,
front to back.

I'm looking for a software that will do that for us so that we can print
these documents in house. I imagine that printers use a similar
software, but we surely don't need the same extended capabilities as a
high-turnover printing house.

Any ideas?

Tanks Muchly!
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