Job opportunities...Seattle, WA. area

Subject: Job opportunities...Seattle, WA. area
From: Tameiko Davis <TameikoD -at- MPL -dot- NET>
Date: Tue, 24 Nov 1998 18:33:42 -0800

Meridian Partners Limited, located near Seattle, WA, is a Microsoft
Certified Solutions Provider, specializing in e-business solutions, custom
software development, commercial Internet services, consulting and project
management. We are privately held and growing at an amazing rate (300% in
the past year alone). In fact, this year we were ranked # 1 by the Puget
Sound Business Journal on their list of Fastest-growing Companies by
Employee Growth in the state of Washington.

Meridian is always actively looking to recruit the best and the brightest
from around the world. Our employees work with clients such as Microsoft,
Intel, Ernst & Young, and Boeing as well as many smaller, cutting edge
software companies such as Punch Networks. Meridian builds development teams
that include Web Developers, Software Design Engineers, Technical/Programmer
Writers, Technical/Programmer Editors, Program/Project Managers and Systems
Analysts. With more than 150 open jobs at any given time, we hire 20 - 25
new consultants per month.

Meridian employees are full-time salaried professionals with comprehensive
benefits. Our compensation packages include medical, dental, vision and life
insurance, matching 401(K), paid vacation, sick leave and holidays. In
addition, we provide a flexible work environment, free Internet access,
ongoing training and career development, tuition reimbursement, assistance
with sponsorship and relocation, and stock options.

Here are a few of our current opportunities:

Technical Editor - Edits for organization, content, technical accuracy, and
style. Exercised good judgment in assessing the level of edit a piece of
documentation requires at every stage of the process. Edits multiple pieces
at various levels of development. Creates an internal style guide and word
lists for group use. Follows corporate legal guidelines to create accurate
copyright pages and checks the Copy Editor's legal edits. Determines
schedule and work flow for the team, as needed. Develops and executes
internal and external review processes of documentation as needed. Reviews
corporate style guide for accuracy, as needed. Qualifications. 2-4 years of
edition experience in an online, Web or print environment required. A solid
working understanding e-commerce technology. Familiar with Windows NT, and
IIS (or SQL). Must have the ability to organize complex documentation. The
ability to work on several complex editing tasks simultaneously is required.
Must have the ability to collaborate closely with one of more writers. In
addition, must have the ability to guide the work of other edits and of
proofreaders. Bachelor's degree in Technical Communications, English
Literature, Journalism or related field preferred.

Programmer/Editor - Responsible for editing programmer documentation for a
software development audience. Works closely with programmer writers and/or
technical writers to ensure the technical accuracy of the test. Performs
edits in more than one programming language. In the online and Web
settings, regularly tests compiled documentation. Tests code samples.
Directs the work of other editors, proofreaders, and production staff.
Overseen a documentation team, as needed. Assesses the level of edit a
project requires at every stage in the process. 4-5 years of technical
editing experience in an online, Web, or print environment. Knowledge of
more than one programming language required (C, C++, VB, OLE). Must have
the ability to write code samples. The ability to work closely with
documentation management, programmer writers, production teams, program
managers, and developers on issues affecting the quality of documentation is
required. Must have the ability to oversee projects. Strong organizational
capability is required. Must have the ability to handle multiple projects
simultaneously. Must have a comprehensive understanding of the technology
being documented or its equivalent. Bachelor's degree in Computer Science
or Technical Communications is preferred. Bachelor's degree in English
Literature, Journalism, or a related field, with extensive industry
experience and/or a certificate of completion of a course in a programming
language is acceptable.

Technical Writer - Description: Research, compose, and edit materials and
pages for our client's marketing websites, most often addressed specifically
to "Business decision makers" and IT professionals. Requires an
understanding of the needs of vernacular of that audience, online writing
and developmental editing skills, and ability to work regularly and
effectively with tools and team members. Strong Office and BackOffice
product knowledge also desired.

Technical Writer - Primary responsibilities are to envision and write
content for all Windows Server products. Requires working with the Windows
Server marketing teams and writing both management overview and technically
descriptive articles about assorted Windows Server technologies. Skills
Required - Excellent communication skills; outstanding writing skills;
proven ability to comprehend technical information and to transform such
information into accurate prose for technical and non-technical audiences.
Also requires knowledge of Web publishing technologies and processes; a
minimum of three years experience writing similar material for personal
computer software; familiarity with Windows operating systems. A degree
(BA/BS) in technical communications or a related discipline is required.

Technical Writer - Network operating systems background. Experience with
TCP/IP and HTTP protocols preferred. Must have experience with Windows NT
Server, writing to a Systems Administration audience, and authoring in HTML.
The product is very technical therefore both technical and writing skills
are important. (Technologies are: Proxy, modem and fax servers.)

Programmer Writer - Senior level Programmer Writer needed to oversee a
complex documentation project. Outstanding technical writing skills are
required. The ability to read or write one or more high-level programming
languages is required. Specific knowledge of, and interest in, several major
technologies required. Bachelor's degree in Computer Science or related
field preferred. Focus of project: background in distributed computing and
network technologies is essential. Must have sufficient knowledge of C/C++
and VB programming to write example/sample code that demonstrates, in a
professional manner, the principles of the technology being documented.

Programmer Writer - 3-5 years work related experience required. Excellent
technical writing skills required. The ability to read or write a high-level
programming language and understand the principles of software development
strong aptitude in either VBScript or JScript and at least one of the
following program languages: Visual Basic, Java and C++. Possess a thorough
understanding of the Microsoft Component Object Model. Understanding of 1 or
+ of the following technologies client/server applications, security,
databases, etc. The ideal candidate will also have knowledge of
Internet/Intranet Server technologies.

Programmer Writer - Excellent technical writing skills required. The ability
to read or write a high-level programming language and understand the
principles of high quality software development is required. Must possess
expert understanding of one or more major technologies, such as database
design and development, networking, client/server applications, security,
multimedia, or device drivers, etc. Must have demonstrated interest in, and
knowledge of, broad but related areas of technology. The ability to be
proactive in solving problems is required. Bachelor's degree in Computer
Science or related field preferred.

Programmer Writer - Provide concise, timely and technically accurate
documentation. Must be a team player. Knowledge of server technology and/or
internet/intranet technology required. Must be able to demonstrate an
understanding of a specified software product or must have the ability to
learn a specified technology quickly. Demonstrated ability to combine
technical expertise with technical communication skills is required. The
ability to work under deadline pressure is also required. Flexibility to
switch quickly from one task or area of knowledge to another required.
Experience researching and writing software manuals for end-users. Must have
experience in at least 2 of the following: SQL Server, IIS, HTML, VID and
HTML Help.

Meridian's strength is the talent, expertise, and character of its
employees, who lead the industry in creating next generation software
products, applications, and Web-based solutions for the top companies in the
Northwest. Send your resume to mailto:recruiter -at- mpl -dot- net or visit us at and see what other great opportunities we have available!


Tameiko Davis
Meridian Partners Ltd.
13201 Bel-Red Road
Bellevue, WA 98005
1-800-672-7863 x747 or 425-688-9747 ph.
425-688-9199 fx.

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