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Subject: Re: Front Page
From: Scott McClare <smcclare -at- DY4 -dot- COM>
Date: Tue, 24 Nov 1998 10:00:33 -0500

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> >Regarding browser-specific issues (Netscape vs. IE, etc.): You should
> be
> >coding your pages to work in any browser. The standard a couple of
> >years ago was HTML 3.2 (developed by the World Wide Web Consortium,
> >otherwise known as W3C), which corresponded to Netscape 2.0/IE 3.0
> >(which both supported frames and tables). You can probably get away
> with
> >coding up to HTML 4.x by now (corresponding to IE 4.x and Netscape
> 4.x),
> >which supports cascading style sheets (*.css) and some JavaScript
> >(*.js).
> A slight clarification: The current W3C recommendation for HTML is
> version 4.0, as of about a year ago. This specification also comes in
> three flavours: "strict," which relegates all appearance-based markup
> (colours, background, font size, etc.) to style sheets; "transitional"
> is a looser version that includes visual-presentation elements (though
> it deprecates them) for backward compatibility with older browsers;
> and "frameset," a superset of the transitional DTD that allows frames.
> I'm personally using HTML 4.0 Transitional for most coding these days;
> with only a little work, a 3.2-compliant document can be made 4.0
> Transitional-compliant. In an HTML document with both visual markup
> and an attached stylesheet, the stylesheet takes precedence unless the
> browser does not support them or the user has them turned off. In
> that case, the deprecated visual elements determine the appearance of
> the page.
> Also, keep in mind that not every browser supports every feature of
> either HTML 4.0 or CSS 2.0 (the current stylesheet standard). Neither
> Microsloth nor Netscape seems to want to wait for the standard to be
> settled before churning out a new version of their browser, so in my
> experience their support of the latest HTML specs is always spotty.
> (Ironically, both companies sit on the W3C.) However, I haven't yet
> checked the compliance of the very latest versions of IE or Netscape,
> though I have them. They may have caught up. In any case if you code
> HTML to be compliant with the latest standard, use ALT tags wisely and
> so on, I've usually found that Web pages will look pretty decent even
> in older or more limited browsers such as WebExplorer or Lynx.
> Take care,
> Scott
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