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Subject: Re: FW: Front Page
From: Tracy Boyington <tracy_boyington -at- OKVOTECH -dot- ORG>
Date: Mon, 23 Nov 1998 15:41:50 -0600

> I don't =
> know if you can edit FrontPage HTML pages in other authoring programs, =
> but I have had to remove certain HTML tags created by FrontPage using =
> NotePad.

I have been able to edit FP pages in HotDog without any problems, but
HotDog is not a WYSIWYG program, which may make a difference. It
shouldn't, because an HTML file should be an HTML file no matter what
software was used to created it, but... :-/

> Also, you do not have to use the FrontPage Server Extensions. My sites =
> do not. You do have to use the extensions if you want to use any of =
> FrontPage's automated functions such as their hit counter and search =
> engine on your site (and webbot components).

Yes, that was one point where I disagreed with the author -- it *is*
possible to build a site using FrontPage that does not require the
@#$%&* extensions. But it means you can't use the shiny, sparkly things
that attract people to FP in the first place. And you're still likely to
end up with broken HTML.

Tracy Boyington mailto:tracy_boyington -at- okvotech -dot- org
Oklahoma Dept. of Vocational & Technical Education
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