Re[2]: Very dangerous new Virus

Subject: Re[2]: Very dangerous new Virus
Date: Fri, 13 Nov 1998 08:38:03 -0500

Jack Wiseman said <The authors of the e-mail virus hoaxes get their
kicks from spreading panic.>

Jack (and all us other Techw-L's),
I agree with you about e-mailer's getting their kicks. Some of these
folks have way too much time on their hands.

I would like to add a related note to this topic. One issue that was
introduced to me by a friend who deals with internet security and
firewall design. Told me that if a "virus" alert garners enough panic
and the email is replicated logarithmically it can actually shut down
weaker (h and s ware wise) email servers. How true? I don't know
enough about the process to argue details for or against. But it has a
logic that I can follow.

I know that one of the "attacks" a company server can have is to get
spammed by large volumes of email from two or more sources
simultaneously. This has the effect of just clogging a system for a
period of time to locking up the server until MIS can clear it. (I
think it has to do with server taking data on first come first serve
basis until all messages are received, acknowledged, returned, and
acknowledged again.) The net effect is that the business cannot
conduct business while under such an "attack." Obviously, for some
companies this is more an issue than others. Eric may have a
comment/experiance on this. How about it Eric?

What does this have to do with Tech writing? It is not directly
related subject. But we can, in response to "virus" alerts, respond
back to the person who sent us the warning with a common sense
statement about the true nature of such a threat. Knowledge is the
best defense.

Following my own comment, pardon me, while I write my friend for a
more detailed understanding of how the attacks actually work.

My .02$

Bill Paine
Wpaine -at- lanier -dot- com

"Just because I am crunchy and may taste good with ketchup, I do not
eschew the affairs of dragons and other such beasts."

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