Re: Resumes and HR scanning

Subject: Re: Resumes and HR scanning
From: Nick Marino <rhetonic -at- GTE -dot- NET>
Date: Wed, 11 Nov 1998 18:54:35 -0600

Hello Robert:

I write re'sume's professionally and my advice to you is to be sure to use some sort of reliable
sans serif font, such as Arial, Futura, Gill Sans, Swiss, or Univers.  Either 10pt or 12pt
leading (space above and below type) is best.  Use lots of white space.  Avoid unusual markings
and the use of attributes such as bold, italic, or sub/superscript.  They do not fax well, one
use of scanable re'sume's, and they often cause problems with many OCR software apps.  Be sure
to use "key" nounal words related to your field in your re'sume', words that are easily
categorized.  This is because your re'sume', after scanning, will be referenced in some sort of
HR database.

Avoid using web sites such as the one you mentioned below.  They are more often than not black
holes that deliver your re'sume' information (they chop up re'sume's into what they feel are
meaningful pieces of information) to amateurs, HR clerks, or office assistants who follow some
company operating procedure for sorting out re'sume's.

Networking is still the most effective method of job searching and delivering your re'sume' to
someone who will actually read it.

Your re'sume' is your personal marketing document of which you must always maintain complete and
total control.

Nick Marino

Robert E. Garland wrote:

I'm on the market again, and this time the world seems to want scannable

I have a resume that has served me well.  The layout was created during
outplacement seminars attended a few years ago. Unfortunately, this
resume seems to break many of the rules for scannable resumes.

What are the best ways to lay out a scannable resume?

In a related issue, several companies have web sites where they want you
to cut and paste your resume.  After I cut and paste, the resume looks
quite bad.  Can those of you who are on the receiving end of "cut and
paste" resumes submitted through the company website provide some
information on how things look when they finally get to the hiring

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