Re: Can strong process create writers?

Subject: Re: Can strong process create writers?
From: Susan & Nick <suzyq -at- HOL -dot- GR>
Date: Wed, 11 Nov 1998 08:11:04 +0200

I have been watching this thread with much interest as I am a freelance
writer and editor as well as a full-time LAN Manager. I have not had a
problem finding other writing assignments but becoming a "technical"
writer is not the same thing, especially as a freelancer. You have all
mentioned mentoring or internships and if anyone has any advice to
someone like me who I would sure appreciate it. I think I can write
about anything but have always believed a mentor or guiding hand (which
is how I got started in the first place) really is helpful. I guess I'm
interested in the process of transforming writing skills in order to
become a successful technical writer.

Susan Rance
suzyq -at- hol -dot- gr

Elna Tymes wrote:
> Laurel Nelson wrote:
> > Whether or not a strong documentation process can create a technical writer
> > is secondary to this question: Who is going to train this potential writer?
> > Did management ask you to do this or was it more subtle; that is, the person
> > is hired and then you find out they have no experience or college training?
> > How did this affect your stress level? What about your deadlines?
> <remainder of complaint snipped>
> There are real internship programs, and then there are the lip-service kind.
> Grouped in with the latter are situations where someone is hired as an intern
> and given virtually no training at all - which isn't really an internship at
> all, just hiring someone who will work for low rates.
> The real internship programs have a built-in kind of training that can vary
> widely from site to site. Whether it's formal classes or informal assignment
> of mentors or something else, there is usually some acknowledged form of
> training and guidance in a real internship program. And those serving as
> trainers or mentors or whatever they're called have those responsibilities
> calculated into their workload. Being assigned as a mentor to an intern is
> requires a commitment of time and energy that some people may simply not have.
> Elna Tymes
> Los Trancos Systems
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From ??? -at- ??? Sun Jan 00 00:00:00 0000=

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