Re: Can strong process create writers?

Subject: Re: Can strong process create writers?
From: Tim Altom <taltom -at- SIMPLYWRITTEN -dot- COM>
Date: Tue, 10 Nov 1998 08:11:26 -0500

>Do you think that a strong documentation process can actually create a
>technical writer (entry-level) out of someone who shows potential for
>this field, yet has no real world experience? (let me know if you need
>more background info in order to respond...I'll elaborate, if necessary...)
>I'd appreciate your comments. Thanks!!!

I'd need to know more about what you're thinking of as a "strong process",
Colleen. However, I'd guess that you're talking about an environment that
has accepted and enforced standards, a clear and complete style guide, and a
writing/structuring system like Info Mapping, our Clustar Method, or
something home-grown.

I can only speak for our own experience and what I've seen. But yes, you can
take a promising newbie and get them up to speed very quickly in such an
environment. They don't wander in the wilderness searching for skills;
they're given only a limited number of tasks to master and those can be
honed and mentored.

But that's with the large caveat that while such a system can make passable
communicators out of neophytes, it won't produce masters. Masters aren't
system-bound, but soar above the system boxes.

In our own house, we put heavy emphasis on a few tools, primarily Word and
FrameMaker. We put heavy emphasis on a specific writing style, primarily the
Clustar Method (when doing task-based documentation). And we put heavy
emphasis on writing, as opposed to the task of
writing/layout/design/printing that so many tech-commers have to face. Most
of our writers don't lay out at all. We use strong templates that take time
to learn, and we prefer our writers hone their specific skills. And yes,
that permits us to use talent effectively, by restricting the problem

Tim Altom
Adobe Certified Expert, Acrobat
Simply Written, Inc.
The FrameMaker support people
Creators of the Clustar Method for task-based documentation

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