Re: ANON: (was ANON: Mgmt, references, samples, supervisor problem)

Subject: Re: ANON: (was ANON: Mgmt, references, samples, supervisor problem)
From: Kris Arvind <kris -at- CGN -dot- NET>
Date: Sat, 7 Nov 1998 14:34:14 -0500

Some of the best advice has already been given ... but having been on the
other side of the fence recently, (i.e., I was the supervisor dealing with a
writer who was struggling with some of the same issues you talk about), I
can state that the best option is to "come clean." In my case, at least, I
initiated the dialog. And I wish I had done it earlier.

When things get to the point where there needs to be communication, then the
obvious answer is to communicate. And the first thing for you to do would be
to "start the healing process." Lay your cards on the table, be very clear
about how you are changing and make sure your supervisor understands that.
If you still feel that "he wants out," (and you are the best judge for that)
then out it is. (Personally, I would be open about asking my super whether
he me wants out, but that's just me!)
One comment that I will leave you with, however, is that the change that you
are effecting will only happen over time. If you think you have invested
enough time and effort in the change process and still don't see any
noticeable results, then either your supervisor is not holding up his side
of the bargain or you need to take (another) good, hard look at your work

Cheers! Hope things work out OK for you. :-)


>From: Anonymous <anonfwd -at- RAYCOMM -dot- COM>
>Subject: ANON: (was ANON: Mgmt, references, samples, supervisor problem)
>Date: Tue, Nov 3, 1998, 8:34

>Message forwarded on request. Please
>reply on list.
>I need advice from the list on how to handle a rather sticky situation.
>Things between my supervisor and myself have become very strained; there is
>fault on both sides, but mostly mine and I take responsibility for that. I
>have changed my behavior, my attitude, and my work habits, but it has become
>obvious to me and to others that he wants me out, and I am eager to go. I'm
>looking for another position.
>I have several questions:
>Should I speak openly to my supervisor about the fact that I am looking for
>something else? We both know what's coming (either I leave voluntarily or I
>will be fired), and I feel I would really like to just put all our cards on
>the table and, for once, be honest with each other.
>How can I acquire samples of my work here? It's proprietary software
>documentation, but it really reflects a major accomplishment that I feel is
>important for prospective employers to see.
>How do I explain this situation in an interview, if they want to know
>whether my supervisor would give me a good reference, or why I don't want to
>use him as a reference? How does one interview for one job if they don't
>want their current employer to know? This goes back to question 1 about
>whether I should just be up front with my supervisor about my intentions.
>Message forwarded on request. Please
>reply on list.
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From ??? -at- ??? Sun Jan 00 00:00:00 0000=

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