Re: Consultant challenges/editing style

Subject: Re: Consultant challenges/editing style
From: Kat Nagel <katnagel -at- EZNET -dot- NET>
Date: Thu, 5 Nov 1998 09:17:33 -0500

<> I recently interviewed with a company I will be assigned to as a
<> but I am at a loss for lack of prior, in-depth experience in the
<> tasks and responsibilities I would be assigned. [details deleted]

Ah! Two of my most interesting projects were consulting gigs for IT
strategy groups at Bureaucratic Megacorp [name changed because I want
to work for them again some day]. One project involved writing the
departmental strategy docs from the ground up---sitting in on group
meetings, writing up what I thought they meant, asking questions,
pointing out potential potholes in the strategic road map, and
producing everything from the formal departmental 5-year plan to the
PowerPoint presentation used to pitch the plan to the CIO. Lots of
fun. The second project was part of a major corporate restructuring
effort, which gave some fascinating glimpses into the way an elephant
can be taught to dance.

<> >2. Develop a style or styles that are both extremely technical,
yet easily
<> >and enjoyably read. It must take hold of their attention so they
<> >read it.
Karen Lunsford:
<> A book you may find helpful is Joseph M. Williams's _Style: Toward
Clarity and
<> Grace_, Chicago: U of Chicago P.
<> Joe submitted the next update of the book this past summer; I'm not
sure when
<> it's due to come out. The current paperback version, though, is
only about
<> $10.00.

_Style_ is an excellent choice as a guidebook. Another book you may
want to skim through, as an example of one appropriate style as well
as a background primer on the topic of IT strategy, is _Building
Enterprise Information Architectures: Reengineering Information
Systems_ by Melissa Cook. Surprisingly readable for an IT textbook

Good luck with your project. If you want to discuss particular
problems, or just vent frustrations to someone who has been there,
done that, and chewed on the T-shirt to keep from snarling at
meetings, drop me a line offlist.

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