Word ==> Notes: a solution

Subject: Word ==> Notes: a solution
From: Heather Ross <Heather -dot- Louise -dot- Ross -at- THEMUTUALGROUP -dot- COM>
Date: Mon, 2 Nov 1998 10:10:28 -0500

Last week I posted asking if anyone has found a way to move files from Word
into a Notes database preserving formatting and graphics. Several people
responded off-list saying they are having the same problem and had yet to
find a solution.
I had hoped to find a way to do it without buying new software, but it
doesn't look like that's possible without spending a lot of time
However, I followed up on something I found in the archives -- one poster
had mentioned a program called Lextyle.
That program is now called Hyper.Ink, and from what I've seen so far, it's
amazing! I don't have a copy yet, but someone else at my company does (it's
a very large company and we often don't know what software other areas are
using) and he ran one of my files through the program as a demo.
I should say first that I have no connection with the company that makes
the program.


Hyper.Ink can create a database from a large Word file in a few minutes (I
think you can use the program with other word processor files too). If
you've used Word Styles in your document (i.e. Heading 1, Heading 2), the
program looks at those and decides how they correspond to levels in a
database. Each of the H1 sections becomes a main document. The H2 headed
sections become child documents off of the corresponding H1 document. H3s
become child documents of H2s, etc.
The program organized my file almost perfectly.
It automatically generated "more information" and "related topic"
hyperlinks at the bottom of each document. I'm not sure at this point how
the program does that, but it's pretty neat.
The program searches your text for phrases like "For more information, see
Getting Started in Chapter 1" and automatically turns that into a hyperlink
to the Getting Started section.
At the top of each document in the database there is a Note to Author
button - when you press it, it opens a new email addressed to the db
author, with a subject line containing the name of the database and the
section the person sending the email is in.
You can leave your document in Word for revisions, and just import the
changes. Hyper.Ink lets you chose whether you want to re-import the entire
file, or if you want it just to update the db with the changes you've just
made in Word.
There are many more features I have yet to learn about -- I'm sure I'll
have fun playing when my copy of the program arrives.


There's more information on the web site www.coextant.com
The cost of the program is about $1,000 US. We decided that it would pay
for itself on my current project alone in the formatting time it saves me.
Has anyone else out there used this program? I'd be interested in hearing
your thoughts.

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