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From: "John A. Newman" <johnn -at- OTG -dot- COM>
Date: Fri, 19 Dec 1997 07:39:00 -0500

I'm sure someone has probably already pointed this out to you, but just
in case . . . It's (with apostrophe) is a contraction for "it is" or "it
has". Its (no apostrophe) is possessive. These rules are ALWAYS true.
Take it from a former English teacher. If that isn't enough authority for
you, the above comes almost word for word from _Hodges' Harbrace College
Handbook_, 8th ed. (my personal grammar bible). It is also almost word
for word from page 1 of Strunk and White's _The Elements of Style_.

So your example sentence would read very strange if the apostrophe were
correct: "services company dedicated to making it is customers more
productive ". So NO APOSTROPHE is correct.

John Newman
OTG Software
johnn -at- otgsoftware -dot- com

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Sent: Friday, December 19, 1997 10:06 AM
Subject: Query

Got into an argument with my boss and came out thoroughly confused.
the "its " appear with an apostrophe ?
" services company dedicated to making its customers more productive "

Thanks in advance
Meena, or, or

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