Re: Microsoft Shenanigans

Subject: Re: Microsoft Shenanigans
From: Senseless in Seattle <uppity -at- DRIZZLE -dot- COM>
Date: Wed, 17 Dec 1997 23:56:40 -0800

This is interesting because I HAVE had problems with my WINMM.DLL ever
since I loaded IE4, but when I asked around, nobody had heard of this
problem before (I even sent e-mail to alt.windows95, and the techies there
hadn't seen it). My brother was also having problems with a different
DLL, but since we both use the Internet extensively, we thought that maybe
there was a new virus floating around that attacked .DLLs. I replaced my
WINMM.DLL with a new one from a CD-ROM, which caused bigger problems. I
don't know much about DLLs, but it looks like it might be a table or
something, because now I get an error that says "SYSTRAY.EXE cannot locate
entry in missing WINMM.DLL for MixerGetNumDel" whenever I startup Windows
95. I tried troubleshooting Windows (per help instructions), but couldn't
find any problems, although I still got the error message. I also tried
to reload Win95 from my CD-ROM, but the setup file was missing, and soon
after, my CD-ROM stopped reading any of the CDs I put in! Also, I get the
corrupt WINMM.DLL message now when I try to start some of my programs, and
after I click OK, I can't even open the program, so it seems to me that it
may be related to the program startup. Has anyone else seen this problem
because it really has me perplexed! I'm going to have to resort to *GASP*
calling technical support (at 25 bucks a question). Just for the record,
I'm not convinced that it's related to IE4. I still think it may be a new
virus that was picked up while I downloaded IE4. Another possibility is
that I had a trial version of a program that uninstalled itself on that
same day that the problem started (which was the same day I downloaded
IE4, downloaded several files from a server, and who knows what else).

Another question: can anyone recommend a really good anti-virus program?
I've heard that there are some that automatically go out on the Internet
to update themselves with the latest information.


Diane Brennan

> From: Horace Smith <hsmith -at- WT -dot- NET>
> To: TECHWR-L -at- LISTSERV -dot- OKSTATE -dot- EDU
> Subject: Microsoft Shenanigans
> Date: Wednesday, December 17, 1997 5:37 PM
> At least one of my co-workers discovered that loading IE 4 corrupts many
> the .DLLs that you need to run 16-bit apps, like Word 6. Anyone else had
> this problem?
> Regards,
> Horace Smith
> Sr. Documentation Engineer
> Syntron, Inc.
> 17200 Park Row
> Houston, TX 77084
> mailto:hsmith -at- wt -dot- net
> mailto:smith -at- syntron -dot- com
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