Re[2]: Not Wanted--Technical Writers

Subject: Re[2]: Not Wanted--Technical Writers
From: Warren S Nickerson <Warren_S_Nickerson -at- CCM -dot- AL -dot- INTEL -dot- COM>
Date: Tue, 16 Dec 1997 11:26:00 PST


This is my first post -- I have been watching for a while, and this is one
of those cases I can no longer resist. I recently rediscovered my interest
in technical writing. My previous career had me developing training
materials, so I actually get to deliver comments on this thread and a
previous thread regarding Cognitive Domain Phases.

I have only one real hang up about the first example given in the
Washington Post article: neither the before or after actually answers (or
describes) what I perceive to be the desired outcome. The objective in the
example is "How to log on at a product call center." However, I don't
think that anyone can actually log on using the instructions given.

We are told what happens when we log on and that someone else may be logged
on, but not the right buttons to push or levers to pull in order to
actually log on.

In terms of the Cognitive Domain phases, the objective is written for the
Application level. However, the answer is written to satisfy up to the
Comprehension level. Making this distinction and then writing
appropriately is part good technical writing, whether for training or

Just thinking out loud.

Warren S. Nickerson
Opinions not those of my parent company.
email: Warren_S_Nickerson -at- ccm -dot- al -dot- intel -dot- com


How to log on at a product call center.

BEFORE: Before a call arrives, a call center agent must be logged on and
available to receive that call. In addition, a supervisor responsible for
that agent's performance is typically logged on. When the supervisor and
the agent sign on, their devices (telephones or PCs) establish a X.25
virtual circuit to the Call Distribution System. This connection will be in
place for the duration of the time the agent/supervisor is logged on. When
the agent logs on, a data connection to the corporate host database may
also be established.

AFTER: A call center's supervisor and agent log on to the Call Distribution
System, establishing a connection that can last throughout the workday., or

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