Re: QUESTION: screen captures in PDF

Subject: Re: QUESTION: screen captures in PDF
From: STaylor <sntaylor -at- STARTEXT -dot- NET>
Date: Fri, 12 Dec 1997 21:42:41 -0600

To your problems with screen captures

I do hundreds of screen captures for each manual and have no problems.

1. I simple use a [alt]-[prnscrn] to put the screen on the clipboard
2. I then paste the capture into LViewPro, crop it the way I want. With
some screens (MS-DOS in a window) I turn them into B&W line art. Windows
screens I leave as is.
3. Any touchup work is done in Corel PhotoPaint
4. I do not resize in either LviewPro or PhotoPaint. They will look like hell.
5. I place into PageMaker and resize there if necessary.
6. I don't worry about resolution, because my screen resolution is only
about 96 dpi.

My screen shots look pretty good. This is fast and easy. If I was printing
on magazine stock instead of 24-lb offset, I might take some time to
capture at higher resolution. I've had good luck with Corel's screen
capture program.

And a little trial and error...

Steve Taylor
Arlington, TX
sntaylor -at- arlington -dot- net

At 04:37 PM 12/11/97 -0600, you wrote:
>Thanks to everyone for your suggestions about converting hardcopy to PDF.
>We are going to go with the overwhelming recommendation: smaller PDFs using
>Catalog to create a master index.
>It's working great so far, except the screen captures look terrible. I
>researched the archives and tried the 134% zoom in Exchange3.0. I also
>tried my Exchange and FrameMaker settings at 72 DPI. Nothing is working.
>The other graphics look great, just the screen captures are corrupted. They
>look bad online and in hardcopy. Right now we're using PaintShopPro to
>import the screens from FrameMaker5.5. My research has been fruitless so
>far. Any suggestions? TIA.
>My company has just made the decision to convert all of our hardcopy
>manuals into PDF format on cd-rom. We have one manual that is 6 volumes,
>each volume containing approx 350 pages. The manual was created in
>FrameMaker 5.1, but we can convert to 5.5. We want to condense these files
>into one large searchable PDF file, using the article feature in Exchange.
>We would like to make the PDF searchable by articles, using chapter
>headings to define each article.
>Can anyone share their experience with this feature and with similar
>projects? Should we do any special formatting in Frame first, before
>converting? Is the file size too large? Ultimately we want things to be as
>easy as possible for our customers, and we have a great opportunity to
>start from the ground up with this project, so we want to do it right.
>We use Windows95 on a PC-LAN.
>, or

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