Converting PC to Mac format

Subject: Converting PC to Mac format
From: Jennifer Jelinek <jlkraus -at- AMETEKWATER -dot- COM>
Date: Thu, 11 Dec 1997 13:04:40 -0600

Anyone had experience w/ converting PC docs in PageMaker to Macintosh
format? Specifically, what was the quality of the final, converted
document? A marketing manager from another division of our company
outsourced a 20-page, 4-color catalog w/o my knowledge, then called to ask
my graphics people to support it. I told him that we would not support it,
since we're Mac-based (although I work cross-platform myself) and were not
consulted to begin with. The catalog is poorly designed, the line art is
awful, and the photos are blurry to begin with. The colors used in the doc
are practically flourescent, and a recognizable color scheme is
non-existent at worst, really ugly at best.

Here's the bottom line...I'm ticked off because none of my advice was taken
in producing the manual, my edits were partially ignored, and I was told I
would not have to take any further responsibility for this piece of
literature. Now I'm being told my department will be supporting any changes
to it in the future, and I'm afraid this document is going to have all
sorts of weird quirks because it was produced in a non-mac formatted and
converted at the last minute. I dont' feel it's worth our time or effort to
spend a lot of time with a document that is basically bunk to begin with.

Am I being unreasonable, or will the document turn out better than I
expect? I'd be interested to hear from anyone w/ experience in this

<end rant>

Jennifer Jelinek
Marketing Services Manager
Plymouth Products, Inc. Sheboygan, WI
jlkraus -at- ametekwater -dot- com, or

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