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From: Smokey Lynne L Bare <slbare -at- JUNO -dot- COM>
Date: Tue, 9 Dec 1997 23:52:40 -0500

....for your consideration...

Cognitive Domain is a process, which is composed of phases, steps, or
levels (whichever you prefer), that is composed of two parts for each
level. Those two parts are criteria (General Instructional Descriptors),
and terminology (Terms for Stating Specific Learning Outcomes).

Since you are in the mathematics arena, let me provide an example: (think
of it as a three-column table) [Please bare with me - pardon the pun, if
it does not line up in your E-mail as well as it does in mine.]

Level Gen. Instruct. Descr.
Terms for Stat. Spec. Learn. Out.

(second level)

Comprehension Understands facts & principles
converts, defends,
Interprets verbal material distinguishes,
Interprets charts & graphs explains,
extends, infers,
Translates verbal material to
generalizes, gives examples,
mathematical formulas paraphrases,
Estimates future consequences rewrites,
implied in data
Justifies methods & procedures

Each of the other levels, listed in my original reply to you, has the
same format with their own information in the two columns. I,
personally, use synthesis the most. It has 'integrates learning from
different areas into a plan for solving a problem', along with
'formulates a new scheme for classifying objects (or events, or ideas)'.
When you work with reengineering, or HELP systems, this aids a TC (Tech.
Comm.) when storyboarding the links.

Originally used by textbook publishers (my background for awhile), it has
branched into online design work to minimize the reading work load each
of us has every day. The best word to describe it is 'specificity'. I
let the SMEs (subject matter experts) own that, and most importantly SIGN
OFF on that. I am just the messenger. Hope this helps a little. Like I
mentioned earlier, I am sure your college educ. dept. has lots of
reference materials about this methodology. Go to a reference librarian,
as that is the person who helps me do my searches.

live from the bare's den.......

Smokey, or

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