Grumpy or Not File Ready

Subject: Grumpy or Not File Ready
From: Patricia Ann Gantt <pagantt -at- POSTOFFICE -dot- WORLDNET -dot- ATT -dot- NET>
Date: Tue, 2 Dec 1997 15:21:44 -0500

Please excuse if you receive more than
one copy. I have been a member of many,
many lists for a long time.

This discussion should be important to
all educators, technical communicators,
writers, webmeisters and designers,
and the general population who care
about bandwidth and the bloating of
the Web with unnecessarily long
downloads of sites.

Please respond to me personally
and not the list.


Cheers to all who added to our
understanding both pro and con
of Java, ActiveX, and bloated

The full file is available in ASCII
as a send or HTML as an attachment.

Contact me for some interesting
responses to say the least.

da T.


Subject: Anyone else feeling grumpy about...
Date: Sat, 29 Nov 97 22:31:33 +0000
From: Patricia Ann Gantt <pagantt -at- postoffice -dot- worldnet -dot- att -dot- net>
Organization: Electronic Information & Media Support
To: Pat Gantt <pagantt -at- worldnet -dot- att -dot- net>


Please excuse if this is a cross-posting
or offtopic to the list. Feel free
to email me personally.

Tired of sites that take forever to load?

Wish that all website developers would
just stick with HTML and CGI scripting?

How about a voluntary moritorium or
boycott of Java and Active X sites?



First, I would like to thank all respondents...
Grumpy or Not.

Me, I feel less grumpy but still oppose
bloated, slow loading sites.

Perhaps "voluntary boycott" is too strong... but
the sentiment is there. How about the idea
of joining a tread pertaining to this?

How about leaving messages on webpage
guestbooks or sent email to webmeisters
saying we are tired of bloated Java, graphics,
and ActiveX clogging the Internet?

As one respondent says... it is the fault of the
inept programmers.

Why not have a site that lets you pick (via splashscreen)
a text, plain HTML, or Java choice?

As sighted by many just hit the [Stop] button when
Java loads and gives you a grey blank screen for
an intermitable it seems time?

All fine an good but most Java Scripts (and ActiveX)
once started refuse to stop.

At least I can go back to checking my email while
the Java wastes my browser time.

As for the suggestion to turn off the Java on a
browser... doesn't this lockup the PC?

As for the improvement in hardware...
I have had people report to me with a
fast Pentium and 56 KB modem the same
irritating Java delays. The truth is these
are the lucky users... quite a few folks
are still using 486s with 28.8 KB modems
over a plain phone line.

The only users who do not report delays
are using Pentiums or Pros and other an
Ethernet with T-1, T-10, or T-100 connections.

So I assume if a web page designer wants
his/her page viewed then why not design
it for the vast majority of users?

Are graphics really all that essential unless
they enhance the text message?

What about great web design techniques?
What about the catch phrase of all good
designers... Keep It Simple S_____ ->
well you know...



Patricia Ann Gantt
Mailto:pagantt -at- worldnet -dot- att -dot- net
M.S., Human Resource Development
The University of Tennessee
Electronic Media Design & Support

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