Tech writers and a toolbox (was DTP tools)

Subject: Tech writers and a toolbox (was DTP tools)
From: Jane Bergen <janeb -at- AIRMAIL -dot- NET>
Date: Sat, 28 Dec 1996 11:34:42 +600

On 26 Dec 96 at 9:29, Miki Magyar wrote:

> Jane Bergen commented "that many writers do not understand the word
> "desktop publishing application"! Word is NOT a dtp application. "

> Woops - let's be careful with our language here. Word may not have
> been designed as a DTP tool, but it is certainly used as such. I
> think we should discriminate between the description of the tool and
> the description of the process.

Hmm. I'm wondering if my original message did not make it to the list
in its entirety. . . I think this is what I said... Calling it a dtp
tool does not make it one.

>The fact that so many people listed
> something other than specifically-designed-for-DTP tools as what
> they use for DTP functions indicates to me that we have an intuitive
> understanding of this distinction.

And this was my second point... as technical writers we need to make
it clear to our employers and/or clients that we need the right tool
for the job. Too many times we are forced to make whatever tool (I
intended in no way to disparage Word... I use it and love it...but
not for dtp) jump through hoops it was never intended to jump. If you
look at some of the lists and newsgroups exclusively for Word, you
will see that many users do indeed try to get it to perform as a dtp
application. No single program is right for every document.

By understanding the limitations and advantages of all our tools, we
are better prepared to make our case for maintaining a toolbox
instead of being forced to use an all-in-one solution.

Happy new year to all...and may we get a toolbox for 1997!

Jane Bergen
"my opinions are my own..."
Jane Bergen, Technical Writer
Plano, TX
janeb -at- airmail -dot- net

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