another Transatlantic issue?

Subject: another Transatlantic issue?
From: "Cotner, Jon A" <Jon -dot- A -dot- Cotner -at- CDEV -dot- COM>
Date: Thu, 12 Dec 1996 09:14:20 -0600

with microsoft, i believe it is another planet issue: oh, you wanted actual
documentation on that spiffy, but well-hidden, feature?

From: Iain Harrison
To: Technical Writers List; for al
Date: Thursday, December 12, 1996 6:40AM

Mike Dannenberg writes:

However, the answer to the 64000$ question was: (drum roll) CTRL-Q
removes directly applied paragraph formats from the selected text,
CTRL-SPACE does the same for character formats. So the feature actually
exists, but I couldn't find it in two hours of studying the online help
and the big tome they make you buy extra if you want documentation.

To be honest, I thought everyone knew about CTRL-Q and CTRL-SPACE
(though I
often muddle them up with one another), but then again as MS say
themselves, most of the features requested for the next version are
there. For example, the conditional text and Reference Documents
in Word are fine, but they are well hidden!

I find the Word documentation and on-line help comprehensive, but I can
never find what I want in it, so it is useless when I'm stuck. I'd
assumed it another Transatlantic issue, in that I was searching for the
wrong word, but maybe that's not the case if US English speakers have
same problems.

Iain Harrison
iharrison -at- sct -dot- co -dot- uk

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