From: Craig Pfeifer <cep -at- CS -dot- PURDUE -dot- EDU>
Date: Wed, 4 Dec 1996 03:39:54 -0500

Ok.. I used to think that I was a computer whiz, but this one has me
massively stumped. So, I'm asking for a bit of help, suggestions, prayers,
mantras, runes to cast...

So I've got Windows 95 ( I know, I know, don't start... ) and
PageMaker 6.0. My machine has 32MB of RAM, and a HP LaserJet 5L attached
(and correctly installed).

I have a PM6 publication that has a 219kb EPS watermark with some
Arial text lying on it. It doesn't print. I ask it to print and it just sits
there and churns. After a while, PM6 will stop responding to Win95 and I
have to kill it. I have tried converting EPS, PCT, GIF, and TIF formats
without any luck.

This publication started as a Mac PM5 file, but something went awry,
and I have since recreated all of the images & the text in PhotoShop and
PM6. This same publication printed just dandy on a Mac w/PM5.

Has anyone else had problems printing placed images in PM6?

Please respond privately (cep -at- cs -dot- purdue -dot- edu) and I'll summarize the
answers and post to the list...
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