WinWord for a large pjt/LA CRESCENTA???

Subject: WinWord for a large pjt/LA CRESCENTA???
From: "Dimock, Dick" <red -at- ELSEGUNDOCA -dot- NCR -dot- COM>
Date: Wed, 8 May 1996 17:40:00 PDT

Gen Whitt of *** LA CRESCENTA, CEEYAAY****
( I LIVE in La Crescenta, Gen! What's your sign?
oops! What's your email address?)

asked about a RILLY big manual in Word.

This has come up long ago on the list. I may have some
archives on it. The general wisdom is that Word cannot
handle huge books.

I hope someone else has more definitive data on boox
over 32 MB.

Gen, I have some workaround ideas.

You can carry on with separate chapters, but it takes
manual :) labor :) to make it all work.

1. Make several files, each with multiple chapters.
The fewer the better.

2. TOC each file. Index each file.

3. Assign footer page numbers so that they follow
from file to file.

4. Manually assemble the TOCs and ?? hold as a
separate file ?? Page numbers should come out
just as assigned.

5. Manually assemble all Indexes, concatenated
(appended into a series of indexes). Then run that
file thru a sort to alphabetize the overall index.

This becomes a labor chore each time the doc
must be changed.

I will have been handling a 1.2 Meg book with no problem,
but I will be adding beaucoups screen shots and I wonder.

Another problem that a Wise Old Graphics Specialist
mentioned is that most printers, regardless of memory,
cannot PRINT a file over 3-4 Meg. They just keep
losing their place, stumble, and crap out.

Might be fun to string the book together and see if
it would print. Set aside some week when no other
work is being done. And paper. Lots of paper.

Another department here puts out big docs in Word, using
their own templates. I shall inquire of them.


Dick Dimock Taik Ratter fer

NCR Corporation in

El Segundo, CA which is a FINE place to live,
but spendier than *this* taik
ratter can handle. Which is why
up the side of a small hill folks
there call a "mountain". A town
of rock and stone. Houses,
walls, ornate driveway arches,
built of the stone torn arduously
from the local (ha!) "ground".
A town less expensive than
La Canada to the east, yet
more upscale than Sunland to
the west. All string along the
mountainside. A fine spot to
telecommute from. And now it
boasts TWO techwrlers!
richard -dot- dimock -at- elsegundoca -dot- ncr -dot- com

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