Multiple Indexes and Acrimony - El Segundo

Subject: Multiple Indexes and Acrimony - El Segundo
From: "Dimock, Dick" <red -at- ELSEGUNDOCA -dot- NCR -dot- COM>
Date: Mon, 6 May 1996 23:28:00 PDT

Hello again, list friends!

I'm back after a long bout with a particularly
vicious attack of *work*. Sad to say that
it took me away...

So first, a procedural question, Word 7, Win 95:

I have three books with almost identical software
chapters, and I am adding indexes to each book.

I suspect the best way is to index the first book,
and then copy/paste each index field to the second
and third books. I can have the three docs open
in separate windows, and open the windows in
succession for the copy/paste.

There are enough small wording differences to
prevent wholesale copy of an indexed chapter.

Is it better to slap the index field into 1, then 2, then
3, then move on to the next point to index?

Anybody have suggestions?

Comment on the list since returning:

I've lurked for a week or two just to get back with the
flow. Ma Goodness there are some acrimonies flying,
personal, too! Is this a new trend on the list? Are we
"communicators" dropping into the Attack Flame mud?

Ol' Artfully Senior follows a couple of rules when
taking keyboard off its peg and addressing the

entire .....bloomin'..... planet:

An angry tone communicates only to angry people.
Cheerful tones communicate to almost all, except
angry people. Ya impinge on the widest audience when
you communicate the highest and noblest truths. As in
threads like "What I enjoy most about Tech Writing", etc.
Ah, we've had some great threads, that all enjoyed!

The Net is a wonderful slave and a terrible master.
Whatsoever ye key into it shall circulate around the
globe for eons. One's professional image rides with
each posting - as does one's company's image as
shown on the sig or address. That has *genuine*
effect on the pocketbook. What reads like righteous
indignation at first will later look like pompous,
self-serving bombast. (Look over some of the ancient
TECHWR-L flame postings, and see what they
convey about the writer now. Would you hire this writer?)

Do not key in anger, or outrage, for the emotion
will eventually dissipate, but oy! those postings last
forever! Prospective employers and clients read this
list, ** remember **?

Dang! (Looking at own fingertips) Did * I * type that?

Good to be back, friends!

Dick Dimock Artfully Senior Tech Writer for
(yes! I feel a sig coming on!) ...

NCR Corporation which is barely aware, in its
corporate consciousness, of
the aforementioned tech writer,
but if pressed, *might*
acknowledge his existence as
an employee at the small
Teradata DBS facility in

El Segundo, CA where Archie's Barber Shop
proudly displays a copy of the
billboard proclaiming: "El
Segundo: Home of 15 of the
Fortune 500 companies, and
Archie's Barber Shop". The faire
citie put up a dozen or so billboards
around LA to attract more industry.
Dang if they didn't ask Archie! He
quickly accepted the free offer!
(Archie sez "Hi".)

The wraps are off our building, the
painting is completed. I can see
out once again.

The Blue Pacific surges against the
Elysian Beaches, the Chevron
Refinery is cleaner than ever thanks
to new Techron, and the Hughes
parking lot continues to fill. Better
times for the faire lady El Segundo!

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